REPORT ON THE CORDOBA FORUM, World Convivence Forum.

Cordoba, May 14-17, 2019


As you know, the CORDOBA FORUM, World Convivence Forum, was held in this historic city from May 15 to 17, 2019, preceded by its Youth Seminar on May 14 and 15. Attached you will find a detailed report on this event, which is addressed, first of all, to all those who took part, but also to those who could not be present and who are interested in the theme of convivence.

If the Forum itself was, in everybody’s opinion, a great success (thanks in particular to the decisive contribution of young people), the very concept of the Forum (repeated meeting in the same place –the mythical Cordoba of “al Andalus”–, on the same theme of the CONVIVENCE of entities all engaged in the same fight for Living Together in Peace), could not be born on this occasion because the organizers have unfortunately not been able to raise the funds, nor the forces, to guarantee three successive Forums in the 6 years to come… “conditio sine qua non” of its survival over time. Others, one day, will perhaps succeed because the idea is not dead.


Jacques Moreillon

President of the Cordoba Forum and its Organizing and Fundraising Committee.


The Forum and the media

Programme for the Cordoba Forum


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