The “Cordoba Forum, World Convivence Forum” is an initiative of the Fundación Paradigma Córdoba which was adopted and launched in Cordoba on April 10th, 2018 by 22 Founding Members. It will take place in Cordoba from May 15th to 17th, 2019, to mark May 16th which is the UN International Day of Living Together in Peace. It will celebrate the interreligious and intercultural spirit of the historic city of Cordoba and seek ways for those committed to creating a just and inclusive society to enhance their work through building connections and sharing models of success.

The Forum will be preceded by a Youth Seminar, (13-15 May) which will offer some 30 young people active in convivence an intensive training in interreligious and intercultural dialogue and facilitation. The participants will bring the skills and lessons of their training to enrich the deliberations of the Forum proper (15-17 May). The Forum will follow a fluid conference format, include a visit to the Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba, and will culminate in the presentation of an award for work in convivence.

The Forum events are run by an Organising and Fundraising Committee (OFC), elected by the Founding Members, which has adopted a Charter.

Participants to the Forum have all received an Invitation Letter with an Introduction to the Cordoba Forum that together explain the purpose and methodology of the event

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Programme of the Forum

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